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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time for your 5@5:00. the deadly meningitis outbreak might effect more people than originally thought. 13,000 people might have received that tainted shot. so far 8 people have died. 105 cases are being reported in nine states. experts say there's no way to know how many people will get
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sick. the pharmacy which made these shots which are used to treat back pain has now shut down and recalled all of the products. >> the house committee hearing on the benghazi attack. andy wood head of the special forces security team will testify before congress. security were ignored by the state department. this while more details emerged knew within one day the attack could have been tear rim. fox news learning patrick kennedy aid of secretary of state hillary clinton calls it a sophisticated complicated attack. bob corker is searching for answers for the attack. corker revealing they are examining security camera footage from that compound. stick around because republican
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congressman who got back from a fact finding mission in libya will be on "fox & friends" this morning. iran making newer layer bomb materials. that's the warning from national signs and security. there would be engineering challenges and longer delays before they could make the other parts needed for a capable war head. benjamin netanyahu has urged the u.s. to draw a red line to make sure iran doesn't build a nuclear weapon. >> california gas prices rising to a new high record. the average hitting $4.67 yesterday. the national average is $3.81. a whole lot are selling gas for a lot higher prices. like this one in san diego selling for almost $6 as gallon for premium gasoline. california senator demanding a federal investigation into whether or not gas companies are
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illegally coordinating this hike in prices. by the way $0.67 of every gallon of gasoline in california goes to state and federal taxes that's among the highest in the nation. he will put his life on the line as he attempts a world record jump. he will sky dive from a capsule 33 miles above the planet's surface. he will smash through the sound barrier on the way top speed 690 miles an hour. for an idea of how high this is. consider mt. everest rises 29,000 feet. commercial jets cruise around at 39,000 feet. this guy will be jumping from 120,000 feet. >> really? >> yup. >> that's your 5@5:00. couple minutes after the hour we are exactly 4 weeks away from the presidential election mitt romney delivering a major
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foreign policy address yesterday making the case against four more years of the saforeign policy. >> doug kelly is live with more. >> good morning. focus turned to foreign policy with governor romney delivering a major address at the virginia military institute offering his severest critique yet of the president leading from behind. >> hope is not a we can't support our friends in the milled east when our words are not backed up by these but spending is cut we have no trade agenda to speak of and it is not one of partnership but of pass civet. speaking in san francisco yesterday president obama touted his decision to pull u.s. troops out of iraq and to pull them out of afghanistan by 2014. governor romney has a
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different view. he sain a speech today he doubl down on that belief. said ending the war was a mistake. i disagree. bringing our troops home was the right thing to do. every brave american who wears the uniform of this country should know as long as i am commander-in-chief we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. >> romney said the root to moral war and potential attacks here at home is a politically pined retreat that brings the afghan people to the same treatment that ravaged their country. from california to the swing state of ohio today romney will be campaigning in iowa. the vice presidential candidates have no scheduled appearance today as they prep for their highly anticipated debate which will be thursday night in kentucky. back to you in new york. thank you, doug. it's time for a look at whose talking. brit hume is getting reaction to mitt romney's foreign policy
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speech and the recent situation in libya. >> if you see more on the president's policies saying what used to be a strength of the president may now in fact be his weakness. >> it's a big part of the president's job to manage foreign policy. it was something that looked to be a real plus for this president because of the death -- the killing of osama bin laden which he ordered and gets credit for. now it begins to look as if his policy toward the mid eels which he made a great to do about upon taking august and before is in bad shape. it looks like ts was a major intelligence and security failure in libya. it looks also at least there's a possibility out there there may have been a major cover up on what may have happened. not only was it bumbled but the administration knew almost immediately that terrorism was implicated and proceeded to go forward. well former tennessee senator also talking this morning giving his relacks to the -- reaction to the
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presidential race. it compared mitt romney to ronald reagan. he believes the campaign will play out like the reagan carter race did. >> i have always thought that romney was some what in the position that ronald reagan was back in 1980 that people were looking for a change. carter had faced all of these difficulties, you know, the iranian hostage double dig get misery index in many respects worse situation than obama faces politically. yet they were neck and neck going in. people were looking for a reason to change. there was this irresponsible cowboy that the media had painted really wroul mqualify a serious candidate and people saw it i think to a certain extent dynamic is playing out of here. >> thompson also went on to say he believes all of the obama
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camp has right now in the election is the power of the income ben see and money. >> let's talk weather now. first degree update with maria molina. >> it is chilly out there? >> it is chilly across the great lakes and the midwest. we have a chunk of the country that has temperatures a little below average for this time of the year. fall is supposed to feel a little cooler. not this much just yet. 55 in dallas. 46 in memphis. below freezing temperatures in new england. we are seeing the freeze warnings across northeast and frost advisories some of you again wakin up this morning with frost on your windshield cluding down in central parts of tennessee and nashville. get up a couple minutes early this morning. some of you waking up with frost on your car windshield.
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it will stay very cool out here. rapid city and minneapolis. the reason for that is we have another strong front dipping from canada pulling in cooler air across the area. that cooler air will continue to push eastward as well. 59 over new york city and high 61 in rally. quick shot of showers across eastern portions of maryland otherwise a shot of the next front moving to the north central. heather, ainsley. >> maria thank you so much. a warning to tell you about for the united states economy. lauren simonetti joins us to explain. this is coming from the international monetary fund. we are in trouble when the imf is warning us. >> they are warning the entire global economy but really stern when it comes to the united states. on health of the global economy we are warning of slowing growth here and saying the tax increases and spending cuts by
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the end of the year it is going to tip back from recession. it will cut more than 4 percent. that'secause tax cuts over the bush year are set to expire. at the same time a new cut will kick in. >> that is a new report from the imf. 75 percent of the work force folks say they are looking for a new job or open to a new job. >> recruiter jobs like 75 percent of employed americans or regular americans are looking for jobs right now. a third of job seekers are feeling less optimistic about find ago job now than theyid a year ago. 61 percent say finding a job got harder in the past year. we are all on the job hunt. >> if you want to save a little money wal-mart is doing the prepaid cards.
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a lot of folks are frustrated with all of the minimum balances that banks require. >> so far this new prepaid card has few fees. wal-mart and american express offering blue bird that offers shoppers a free paid card like you said no minimum balance no annual fees no activation fees. they want to attract this growing number of american households that turn to non-traditional baipging because they are fed up wi. >> you are spending your money at wal-mart and you have to kick in your money heyed of time. >> you have to load the card ahead of time. >> they are making money from all of the interest on that. ainsley, back to you. it is 11 minutes after the hour. coming up wasn'ted to show americans and now american taxpaye taxpayers. we will explain all of this. plus democrats jim lawyer for
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the president's performance. a look at jay leno last night. >> the obama celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last night. they celebrated at a restaurant called urban steak. urban steak. michelle had the steak to celebrate the occasion and the president had bourbon. ere do yo? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> it is quarter past the hour. quick headlines to bring you now. george zimmerman is expected to ask a florida judge to delay his murder trial today. they plan on asking for trayvon martin's school records and information on the ocean med sl media accounts to be released.
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the vice presidential debate is on the way and they are putting the final touches on the set and pafrp tus. they have been planning for this for two years now. they are expecting 3300 members of the media. >> time for a look at who is talking and the first presidential debate. jim lawyer he is talking this morning. some say he was not challenging them. >> i felt bad for you. a lot of criticism. >> i am not real klein on critici criticism, but that was right at the beginning. the criticism has gone away now because people realize spin doesn't work if everybody
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doesn't see the event. 6 # 7 million watched it 67 million other people reacted to excerpts. everybody is pretty well chilled out on this nobody is blaming me for anything. the format is what made it possible. some look at it in a positive way some in a negative way. it is a wide open opportunity. >> which was agreed to ahead of time. >> nonpartisan criticized me because i didn't follow up i didn't challenge people. my whole point was and the commission's whole point i was implementing what they wanted which i agreed with if it was going to be challenging the candidates were going to have to do it they can selves.
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>> he thinks it will change the debates from being less controlled to more open. it is 17 minutes after the hour. you have been hearing both sides of the campaign talk about their tax plan. >> i will not raise taxes on middle income families. >> i have said for incomes over 250,000 dollars a year that we should go back to the rates we had when bill clinton was president. >> what will the tax plan mean for your family? vera gibbons is here. >> the food police is back on control. they are making sure you count calories at the vending machine.
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>> good morning. it is 22 minutes after the hour. the professional tennis referee who is accused of killing her husband with coffee. they are pushing prosecutors to dismiss the charges against her. soda companies rolling out new vending machines with warning labels. they will put the calorie count on the button there. it will have calories count check. it will fist appear in chicago and san antonio before going nationwide. >> thanks ather. we have been hearing both sides of both candidates tout their tax plans but sometimes it's hard to cut through all of the spend. we will breakdown the numbers
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for you so you can decide which plan is best for you your family and your money. our personal finances expert vera gibbons is here to talk about it more. >> keep it simple for us. a lot of persons don't know both plans they don't know which way to vote according to their income. let's start with income tax rates. >> we have 6 different rates. romney prefers a tax code he would like to lower the rate across the board. the low rate would be 8 percent the top rate 28percent. if you make 60,000 dollars you are looking at a tax cut of about $500 on average. obama would like to raise the rates for the top income earners to 36 percent # 39.6 percent. doesn't effect those between 200 and 500,000 you are looking for tax liability of $3,300 on aying for years. if you are a millionaire tax
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liability 185,000 per year. that's president obama's plan. what about if you are in the highest tax bracket for romney's plan? >> now we are looking at dividends and capital gains. what romney would like to do is he would like to eliminate taxes on capital gains dividends for those making less than 200,000 dollars keeping it at 15 percent for everybody else. now obama must raise the capital gains again on the top earning income individuals. he wants to raise it on them and take dividends to the ordinary rate. you are looking at being taxed 39.6 percent nearly 40 percent. >> any one who has stocks, bonds things of that nature. >> corporate tax rate. we went to ep couldn't businesses here in america. we need more jobs more jobs more jobs. >> they both agree 35 percent the current tax rate is just too high. what romney wants to do is lower it to 25 percent which is right
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in line there with congressional republicans obama on the flip side is calling for a top rate of 28 percent he would lower it to 25 percent. >> the current rate is 35 percent. >> 35 percent. they agree that is too high. obviously it is. >> that's why the companies are turning to other companies choking. >> what exactly is that? separate taxes from parallel taxes. it was enacted to enoccur wealthy individuals work its way down the income chain. romney wants do away with it all together. obama could like to replace it. he would like to replace it it requires millionaires making over a million collars would be kiered to pay 30 percent in taxes. >> in a city like new york your
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stackses are going to go up and you will be paying 30 percent. >> if you make a physical boll lashes in new york you are considered making nothing. >> that is confusing. s is now 25 after the hour. president obama said they were an example of rebounding the economy. after making chevy volt batteries one plant is seeing anything but green. after supporting romney and ryan another celeb has a message for hollywood.
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>> quarter pounder, chicken? no? >> quarter under. look at this. look at this. quarter pounder. >> you know we all know campaign karl. he is on the pain with rit romney. mitt romney trying to convince romney to eat the burger. he is panning out burgers. lots of photographers you heard
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clicking. welcome back to pox and friends first. >> it is time for your 5@that5:. a colorado girl who has been missing since walking to school has been expanded to missouri. they share a home together and that then shared by police. the 10-year-old father is not a person of interest. he reportedly has a history of violence. it has been expanded in colorado surrounding her home town and where her backpack was found. >> they are giving parents a hand replacing the infamous hooks he got after a botched atta attack to rage jihad in afghanistan. the cost up to 5,000 dollars so
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he can clean himself in the slammer. the metal hooks were removed last week after he was extradited in the cushing. since they are considered a security risk he won't be getting them back. instead he will get a pair of rubber ones for which you the tax payer will have to buy. >> sad news a football great has days to live because of kidney failure. he is suffering from dementia from head injuries. the pro lineman played with the lions for 12 seasons but the 77-year-old thought a new generation of fans in a totally different line of work. look at this. >> what would you say instead of doing that show saturday night that you were going to be on national television with dan verine. >> george, that's wonderful. >> dan is in town?
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>> susan clark his wife also played his wife. >> wow. we all watched that growing up. a qvc host start eting viewers watch as this woman faints while trying to sell a product on live tv. >> you know>> are you okay? oo even as the familiar raw is cut away her co host keeps going as she has the effects of low blood sugar. this insurance sent the second time she painted on air the first time in 2010. paul ryan getting star support from kid rock at a campaign rally in the singer's home state. >> i am proud to introduce a fellow hunter a fellow fan of rock and roll and great midwesterner who shares a vision
5:34 am
not only with mitt romney but also with myself for what would be the best from our state and country. let's hear it from all ryan. >> quite an endorsement there>> americans can't afford 4 more years of president obama's policies. >> the president is try to go to reverse the polls showing him losing ground. doug luzader is live with more. >> you talked about the polls. these numbers say it all. this is gallup's take on the race right now. these numbers 47 to 47 reflect kind of the change since last week's debate. there is another poll that shows mitt romney is still in the lead. the climate is changing fast. both are trying to take advantage. he may have had more spring in
5:35 am
his step. he spoke about the military insurance cute. he went after one of president obama's strong suits in the polls that is porn policy. he talked about the attacks in libya in a world that he says is now more dangerous. >> i want to be chlor the blame for the people lies solely with those who care ready them out no one else. but it is our responsibility and the responsible of the president to use america's greatest power to shape history not to lead from ioned. >> president obama spent much of the day padding campaign coffers at a critical time and he reminded them the race is extremely tight and right around the corner. >> i need you in this election. the next 29 days>> we cannot
5:36 am
afford to be comply sant and not afort to be cynical. we have to look back at the progress we have made and that should give us confidence. >> the confidence shaken now. you look at the numbers the obama campaign says they have long run this race as though they were five points behind. the their big fear now is these numbers could soon confirm that assumption. heather and ainsley. >> thank you so much. staying with the presidential race right now take a look at who is talking. charles krauthamr talking about what pack tofactors he thinks will determine who remains on top. >> romney got nothing out of tampa. obama got maybe 3 to 5 out of charlotte. what happened with that debate is romney got it all back in 90 minutes in one night and maybe even more.
5:37 am
it is very telling a poll has romney up slightly beyond the margin of error. we are talking about the ones that are extremely likely to vote. romney among all of the voters are extremely likely to vote. he was up by 6 three weeks ago down by 3. that's a nine-point swing among people who will surely be out there on el lek day. i think right now the race is tied with romney still i think having some of the momentum from the debate and i think the rest of the story will be determined the remaining debate. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> good to see you. we are talking about cool temperatures across parts of the midwest the great lakes northeast and even down into portions of the south once again. take a look at some of the current temperatures across the
5:38 am
northeast. 36 in syracuse 37 in during ton. we have a number of freeze warnings in effect and also frost advisories from parts of up state new york through central portions of tennessee. lingering showers off of portions of new york city and philadelphia and dc. grab the umbrella as you head out the door. they should be gone later on in the afternoon. a stronger cold front sweeping in the northwest. if will be bringing in colder air. >> we don't to hear about the pros. >> danny dav veto andrea pearlman are separating after years of marriage. they have 3 children together. no word on why they decided to split. jack osbourne getting hitched the son of ozzie and sharon
5:39 am
osbourne saying i do. inspiring actress over the weekend. small ceremony over 48 guests including their baby pearl. >> leann rimes cancels the first concert of her tour. she went to twitter telling fans she felt like she had been hit in the face with a baseball bat. >> time for the starting lineup. a roundup of all of the sports stories making headlines at this hour. hughes context as went on to beat the jets 23 to 17. the texans now 5-0. the orioles looking to avoid a 2-0 hold against the yankees. they take a 3-2 lead bottom of the 9th two outs. a rod strikes out. baltimore ties the series.
5:40 am
cardinals national sear res also evened up. crushing washington at home 12-4. you can own a very special piece of history. on the ouks block it went on sale the day he pitched the only perfect game in world series history. he is doing it to make sure his rand widths can go to college. >> coming up she was showing other forth support breast cancer month. this girl is in trouble with her school. we will tell you what is going on. >> we have millions of the tament dollars to make batteries for the volt. why are they pur lowing workers to make it complete. >> the vice president that will b debate is 3 days away. republican candidate paul ryan
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expects joe biden to come at him like a cannonball. >> biden was like there's going to be a pool there? i am more of a belly flop guy. cannonball?
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shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free. call the number on your screen. [♪...] >> it is 15 minutes to the hour. see what headlines are making headlines overseas. this comes after hamas hit with mortgager shells. israel is preparing patriot missileings in order to counter hose hezbollah droughns. next political rprisoners awaiting trial for mubarak rules are getting pardoned by mohammed
5:45 am
moresy. it doesn't include those accused of murder. in mexico a drug cartel leader is believed to have been killed in a shoot out with marines. he is known as the executioner is suspected in hundreds of killings. his death comes as marines captured another alleged failed leader who is also suspected in hundreds of killings there. he is also believed to be responsible for the death of the jern jet ski erhardt lee. >> more bad news workers of a a battery plant are feeling the effects from the car's lack of demand. here to explain all of this diane macedo. >> december bite getting the 150 million love our money to get
5:46 am
the volt batteries before a single battery has been produ d produced. a a plant aped in 2010 surrounded by so much hype even obama tanded the ground breaking. >> you are showing ow manufacturing jobs are coming right back here to the united states of america. >> it was supposed to create hundreds of new jobs and produce 15,000 batteries a year. they have employed 200 batteries a year. the machine paid by a plant in south korea. it is also taxpayer subsidized had its own production issues. a spokesman tells says the battery is supposed to pick up resume production on october 159. >> the volt first groeled off the line 3 years ago.
5:47 am
for 2012 it is well below projections. >> thanks, diane. >> it is 15 minutes before the hour. planning a vacation is tough enough. how do you make sure you are getting the most bank fg from y buck? ken trau thornton is here and she will explain. she was showing her support for breast cancer awareness month now she is in trouble with her school. we will tell you why. let's check in with ryan kilmeade. >> i want to tell you what's coming up after you get a chance to go into the shower. first off on fox and friends more whistle blowing when it comes to leb yaw. what exactly happened with the state department should more of an apology be coming done the pike. how taxing the rich can go into the economy. can heed rock sad to say he is jumping on the owe bff the obam
5:48 am
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. >> 9 minutes to the top of the hour. quick headlines for you only 10,000 dollars for a college degree. 10 schools offering the discounted tuition by governor rick perry for making college more affordable. only to certain degrees. to afford it they rely on various class sizes on-line scholarships and class sizes. this middle wool student is suspended for dying her hair
5:52 am
pink for breast cancer awareness. she wants to show her support especially since her grandmother died of breast cancer and her other grandmother is a survivor. the school says it violates the dress code. planning a waycation can be really siem nsuming. a scam or something not being sold as advertisement. taking the risk out of raycation planning. you say there's a new web site that helps us out with that. >> this is like a 21st century planning service. it takes the broad selection and ease of on-line booking you get from travel sites. it is has service that has been lost at the internet that you would have found from a traditional travel agent. you pay500 it's an annual fee.
5:53 am
for that they will plan an unlimited number of vacations for you to many destinations. they are adding more destinations all of the time. they are rying to cat-- trying cater to families or a couple groups. they have negotiated condos single family homes. a lot of inventory you would not find. >> 30 destinations but you have to pay the 500 bucks. for those who don't want to spend the money tell us about this. >> it is a hotel tell all. there are trip advisors and other sites out there that will tell you hotel reviews but you don't know if someone else's opinion is consistent with yours. what they are trying to do is provide one voice for hotel reviews. they are sending all experts do every hotel they live. they are writing their own reviews so you can get an expert opinion on what it is doing. >> what's the exercise room look
5:54 am
like? >> these are paid professionals so you know it's not a friend of the hotel manager. >> it is all their own content. >> pit >> it really gives you a fast easy check experience. they are sacrificing at revenue. th have this great grass that helps you search the place over time. there is a thing for hotels as well. showing hotels on the google map. where the best dining is or night life is. it's a unique approach but it is really growing fast. >> if you are spending the time to travel you want it to be right. that is for sure. >> thank you so much. we will talk to you again. ainsley let's head back over to you. 6 minutes to the top of the hour. still ahead thousands of students unable to register for
5:55 am
classes all because of this guy. we will explain. can you figure out the word of the day? it will be at the bottom of the screen. we are going to show you coming up. stick around for the answer. there it is.
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♪ >> good morning, everyone. we'll take a look at the good, the bad and ugly. the haunted house in texas scaring the wits out of everybody. this year they are helping a
5:59 am
14 year old girl battling leukemia. a pair of thieves breaking in pet stores and steal puppies worth $9000. and the suspects are still on the loose. finally the ugly. cops say thousands of university of texas students were unable to register because of this guy here. he hacked in the school system and shut down the website in an important time period. it is time to get scrambled up with steve doocy. >> good morning, ladies . >> i wrote two of those checks with tuition. >> you are a good dad. >> do i have any choice. >> did they clear this time? >> hey, hey, what are you talking about. >> you make your kids work b


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